Cut Blanks.

Aluminium cut blanks are used in a wide variety of industries, the convenience of having material delivered that is pre cut to size, helps with material handling and cuts out the fist manufacturing stage. Parkrow has years of experience in the precision cutting of blanks.

Parkrow Alloys - Precision Cutting.

At Parkrow Alloys we carry a wide range of aluminium sheet and coil that can be slit, sheared or blanked to your exacting requirements, in quantities both large and small.



Alumimium Cut Blanks
Aluminium Blanks
Aluminium Sheet Shearing
Sheet Poly Coating
Coil Processing - Slitting
Coil Processing - Decoiling

  • Precision Cutting

    Precision Cutting.

  • Aluminium Blanking

    Cutting Blanks.

  • Aluminium Shearing

    Shearing Coil.


Aluminiium Sheet Shearing.

Max Length - 3658mm
Max Thickness - 6.0mm
Min Thickness - 0.4mm
Standard Cutting Tolerences +/- 0.5mm
Tighter cutting tolerences may be pobssible - please contact us to discuss

Poly Coating.

Max Width - 1250mm
Both - 0.002" and 0.004" coating in stock

Coil Processing - Slitting.

Max Thickness - 3.0mm
Min Thickness - 0.1mm
Max Width - 1600mm
Min Width - 3.00mm

Coil Processing - Decoiling.

Max Thickness - 3.0mm
Min Thickness - 0.3mm
Max Width - 1600mm
Min Width - 50mm